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Our teams are taking all the necessary steps to ensure that you are geared to make a successful start to your 2022 academic year, and in the safest learning environments possible.

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It’s a juggling act: How to balance work and postgraduate study. Congratulations! You’ve completed your bachelor’s degree. Now you’re looking ahead and debating whether you should join the workforce and start earning a salary or enhance your career even further with a postgraduate degree. You have a third option: you can do both.

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Graduating with an undergraduate degree is undeniably an immense accomplishment, considering the sacrifices made by both students and their families.
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The reasons for choosing to study further vary from graduate to graduate, but most view postgraduate study as a natural progression from an undergraduate qualification.

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We believe in you. A Nelson Mandela University honours degree gives you the opportunity to explore your field of expertise and review your career pathways.
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At Nelson Mandela University, we don’t see you as a student. To us, you are a world changer capable of so much more than you can ever imagine. 

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