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The reasons for choosing to study further vary from graduate to graduate, but most view postgraduate study as a natural progression from an undergraduate qualification.

If you’re taking the first step on your postgraduate journey, studying a short course or honours enables you to explore your field of expertise and review your career pathways, before committing to further academic research and postgraduate studies.

Going further, like studying masters or towards a doctorate, things become more versatile. Whatever your background, a postgraduate qualification at this level gives you the advantage of positioning yourself as an expert in your chosen field and opens doors to new opportunities.

Interested in pursuing a postgraduate qualification? Here are five benefits that a Nelson Mandela University postgraduate qualification offers you:

  • A deeper understanding of your field of study

Postgraduate study offers the opportunity to specialise in a field of study that interests you, deepen your understanding of this field and sharpen your skills. Not only will you be exposed to the latest career-specific trends and developments, but you will also be enabled to reach your full potential and assist in making your aspirations become a reality.

  • Broadens your knowledge and skill

Postgraduate students are renowned for being leaders in the cultivation of new knowledge. Through application and course offering modes, you will be imparted with an appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge that combines breadth and depth of understanding, and have the ability to apply this in a range of contextual and conceptual frameworks.

  • Equips you to conduct learning and research independently

As a postgraduate student, you will undertake applied research that contributes to finding practical, industry-relevant solutions and developing new applications for existing knowledge. Our postgraduate programmes are relevant to the needs of the real world, and all our faculties and departments are committed to supporting and developing students who can successfully produce high-quality research.

  • Enhances problem-solving and critical thinking abilities

Postgraduate students display the ability to understand and apply an array of speculative and thoughtful situations, while objectively assessing the merits of alternative perspectives. At Mandela Uni, you can expand your knowledge of your discipline and get up to speed on the latest advances in technical competencies required by your profession.

  • Gives you the edge as a stronger job applicant

The importance of transferable and cross-cutting competencies is imperative for survival and success in the competitive world of work. Combined with relevant career experience, a postgraduate qualification gives you a competitive edge and can lead to more opportunities for promotions, down the line. Nelson Mandela University offers you the opportunity to nurture and develop these skills and, thus, elevate your employability.

From honours to doctorates, Nelson Mandela University offers quality and accredited postgraduate qualifications that enable you to build on your success and accelerate your career advancement.

Enrol for a postgraduate programme today by contacting us for more information or by visiting our website.

Posted on 22 September 2021 12:28:55

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