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Application fees

All postgraduate applicants pay an application fee. This is not refundable.

Down Payment

The down-payment is the first advance payment towards tuition fees. This amount will be credited towards your student fees account.

Enrolment fees

Enrolment fees shall be debited to students’ accounts and are payable every year. Enrolment fees are not refundable and a student is liable for the fee in the event of a cancellation.

Tuition fees

These fees vary according to qualifications and programmes, as well as to the specific delivery mode (full-time or part-time study, research or coursework). Tuition fees are calculated per module in the case of part-time coursework programmes and for programmes including elective modules.

Residence fees

Residence fees are raised per semester. It covers only the academic semesters and excludes all vacations. However, postgraduate students living in the Postgraduate Village on South Campus may, if for research purposes, apply for permission to stay in residence for 12 months. Please contact Student Housing Management on 041 504 3941 or e-mail

International study fees

International students are required to pay all fees in full prior to registrations. Residence fees are also payable in advance. Please contact the Office for International Education for assistance. Tel +27 (0) 41 504 2161 or e-mail

Visit our website or contact Admissions for up-to-date information on the various fees payable. A comprehensive finance guide, as well as a list of fees per qualification and module, can also be downloaded.

University fees and conditions are determined by Nelson Mandela University Council and are subject to change without prior notice.