Department for Research Capacity Development

The Department of Research Capacity Development (RCD) focuses its activities around the development of researchers, in addition to rendering financial assistance to postgraduate and postdoctoral candidates.

Do not hesitate to contact RCD for more information on:

  • Internal capacity development workshops
  • Mentoring of development of new and emerging researchers
  • Bursaries and scholarships for master’s and doctoral studies
  • Independent bursary applications
  • Nelson Mandela University administered bursaries and scholarships
  • NRF scholarships and bursaries
  • Medical Research Council (MRC) funding
  • International funding and collaboration
  • Study abroad
  • Post-doctoral financial assistance
  • Research support and funding for Nelson Mandela University staff
  • Research ethics

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Department for Research Management (RM)

The Department for Research Management focuses on the needs of established researchers and manages such issues as National Research Funding (NRF) grants, Department of Education (DoE) publication funding, the research entities, internal research incentives and the research information management systems.

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Department for Innovation Support & Technology Transfer (IS&TT)

IS&TT focuses on the protection, management and commercialisation of the university’s intellectual property and also manages contract research and some external research grants.

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Contact Ms Jacqueline Barnett
Tel: 041 504 4307
E-mail: jaci.barnett