Change the world

Research Development

Unlocking the potential of postgraduates and emerging researchers through funding and development

RD focuses its activities around the development of new and emerging researchers and providing access to funding opportunities for postgraduate students.

In collaboration with faculties, departments and relevant units, RD aims to:

  • Enhance and increase the levels of accredited research outputs;
  • Retain and attract high performing postgraduate students;
  • Increase resources obtained for funding toward postgraduate studies.

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Innovation Office

The Nelson Mandela University Innovation Office is committed to changing the world by actively driving innovation in our city, region and nation. We nurture innovation, foster creativity, embrace technology, and develop people to meet the challenges of the world of tomorrow.

The Innovation Office assists researchers with innovation support (grant and contract management; proposal and business plan development; prototype and proof of concept funding) and technology transfer (intellectual property management and commercialisation).

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