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In order to increase the rate of return on their training investment, more and more companies demand relevant, tailor-made training that will take their specific needs and company culture into account. Through the efforts of the competent and experienced staff at the Corporate Services Division, professional service and support is offered, ensuring a hassle-free training experience. Training can be conducted at either the Nelson Mandela University Business School or at company premises.

In view of this, the Corporate Services Division was formed to develop more flexible, client-driven products and services e.g.:

  • Development of new products and programmess according to company needs;
  • Customisation of existing modules and programmes to ensure relevanttraining;
  • Running of skills programmes and short workshops to fulfill a specific training gap;
  • Expansion of in-house company training programmes to assist employees to achieve nationally recognised qualifications;
  • Co-ordination and administration of training interventions, as well as management of large projects.

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