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Study for professional gain

The journey of lifelong learning by means of further study can be a rewarding experience. Not only does it expose you to the latest trends and knowledge in your field of interest and offer you the opportunity to gain the skills necessary for the competitive world of work, but it also contributes to your sense of self-worth.

Supported by career experience, a relevant qualification gives you a competitive edge and will surely aid your promotional opportunities.

As a new generation university Nelson Mandela University is dedicated to strengthen your position in the labour market through knowledge and skills development during your study years. It will also nurture and grow, to your benefit, valuable partnerships with leading role players in industry, commerce and the public sector.

We want to equip you with the means to become a creative and critical thinker who can shape the environment in which you operate.

Study for pleasure and for personal growth

Whether you consider further study merely to improve your career prospects, update your knowledge or upgrade your qualifications, it is also true that it will create an opportunity to spend time doing something you really love and to explore a subject area that has always fascinated you.

This will add a new dimension to your life – enriching it, boosting your self-confidence and sense of self-worth.

Rub shoulders with Generation Y

You may express concern about competing with the younger generation, but chances are that you will do better than them. It may also seem that the younger students are not new to the university learning environment because they are amidst their peers and geared towards the study experience.

On the contrary, younger students may perceive you as the classmate with life and work experience who is serious about their study, and may actually be intimidated by you. So, never underestimate the importance of “grey matter”!

Academic staff value the contribution adult students make to the teaching and learning environment for they are well-equipped learners bringing with them a number of skills and knowledge gained from work and other life experiences.

You may find it quite stimulating to interact with younger students and find that class dynamics change quite radically as the academic year passes. So, why then not take on the opportunity to challenge the fast-thinking Generation Y by adding the value of life and work experience to the prescribed curriculum?

What do employers want?

The voice of employers complaining that graduates do not have the precise skills that they need has become more persistent. Public and private sector leaders expect the majority of graduates to be prepared by universities to be directly employable.

How does an employer then choose the most favourable candidate for a position from hundreds of applicants all with the same qualification?

Employer surveys indicate that, apart from specialist skills and knowledge directly related to the career field, the importance of transferable and cross-cutting skills is imperative for survival and success in the competitive world of work.

These skills include, among others, the developing of:

  • Leadership and conflict resolution skills
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Business and project management skills
  • Networking and relationship building skills
  • Computer literacy
  • Willingness to learn
  • Resourcefulness
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Practical and logical thinking
  • Commitment

Nelson Mandela University offers you the opportunity to also nurture and develop these skills and thus elevate your employability.

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